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About us 24justice

What is 24Justice?
24Justice is Pakistan’s first Legal Comparison Website and a bonafide Legal Portal of Pakistan. Being a Legal Portal, we assist you in finding reliable lawyers and provide Legal Services with the greatest transparency and reliability.
Our Advocates, Lawyers, Attorneys, and Solicitors vary in experience and practice from the Supreme Court level down to the High Court level, even to Session / Lower court level juniours. We have specialists in various disciplines and experts in their respective fields with their experiences.
How can 24Justice assist me? 24Justice acts as a platform where litigants, and the general public, can get free legal advice from our website (as a general guideline) and should they need to speak to a lawyer about their own specific circumstances then they can do so.
Our Motto is to ensure people are better educated about the law and their legal rights as citizens. By doing so, we empower the general public and attempt to make our world a better place.
What kind of Legal assistance could I get? Legal practitioners on our panel are here and available all the time. They can assist you with such services such as (but not limited to)
Family law
Child Custody
Divorce Law
Child Maintenance
Child Visitation
Restitution of Conjugal Rights
Parental Abduction
Recovery of Dowery, Jehz and Haq Mehr
Fake Dowry Cases
Inheritance and Succession
Recovery of Benefits
Civil Law
Malicious Prosecution
Consumer Protection and Rights
Breach of Contract
Recovery of Debts
Execution of Orders
Claiming Compensation
Criminal Law
Bail Matters
Police Matters
FIA Matters
Cases of Rape
Cases of Criminal Conspiracy
Criminal Breach of Trust
Cases of Murder
Cases of Assault
Contempt of Court
Registration of FIR
Quashing of FIR
Theft and Dacoity
Property Law
Transfer of Property
Inheritance issues
Recovery of Land
Landlord and Tenant Disputes
Building and Construction Issues
Assistance in selling and purchasing of land
Background checking the proof of ownership
Researching Land
International Legal Representation
Business and Commercial Law
Company Formation
Contract Drafting
Registration of Patents
Registration of Trademarks
Why use 24Justice
With 24Justice, you are able to get
legal advice 24 hours a day. We have articles written by legal experts, with the latest relevant citations and case laws. Once more, we have videos to assist you with understanding the steps, principles, and procedures of certain cases and legal aspects, for you to be better aware of your rights and options.

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